Saturday, January 19, 2013

Staying on Top of Things

Work days have been really full of late. Early mornings to send Arrow #3 to school coupled with late endings to days and sometimes meetings in the night have meant my intake of caffeine has increased. Twice a day? Thrice even. 

Sometimes even the increased intake doesn't from keeping me awake and on my toes. So I find I have to dig deeper. Humour helps to keep me sane. This is what I posted on my Facebook. Haha! 

Anyway, as a result of consuming this beverage, I have developed a few conclusions on creation and design
1) Coffee is created such that bubbles form as you add hot water. See photo.
2) The bubbles are created to pop slowly and surely. Their role? To release the fragrance of coffee into the surrounding area every so often.
3) The aroma of coffee is created to speak and seduce. Yes indeed. It says "cooooommmme, you waaaant meeeee...."
I like mine black. 

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