Sunday, March 17, 2013

Study Study Study

Being the typical Asian parent, studies are important. 

But also being the typical Asian parent these days, both Hubby and I work. I am third in the line of women who work. My grandmother was a midwife and covered huge areas of my home state. My mother worked for the government and even received award for long service. These are my role models.

This makes it hard for me to find the time to assist in my children's schooling. Along the way we need tutors. Well, good tutors are hard to find. Teaching and learning methods are also different. Nowadays, a laptop and internet access is such a necessity for basic school work, let alone further and deeper studies. Thankfully when we look for more information, there is ample to find on the internet. Phew! 

So we are more prepared now.... especially with the last Arrow being in the final year of high school and soon heading for tertiary and university! 

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